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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Each week an unsolved felony "Crime of the Week" is selected from police files to be reported at the actual scene of the crime. It is shown on television, aired on radio stations throughout the week and appears in the newspaper.

If any citizen has information on the featured crime - or any crime - they call the special CrimeStoppers phone number [788-8427 or 1-800-397-2288]. The CrimeStoppers staff logs the call with the date, time and brief summary of the caller's information.

For any citizen with information on a crime, CrimeStoppers offers:
A cash reward on tips that lead to an arrest
Complete protection of the caller's anonymity

How Are Citizens Involved?

Citizens with a tip on the featured "Crime of the Week" - or any crime - call the special Crimestopper's phone number. To assure anonymity, the caller is given a secret code number for any future communication and is asked to maintain contact with CrimeStoppers.

If investigation by law enforcement results in the arrest and filing of criminal charges against a felony crime offender or the apprehension of a felony fugitive, CrimeStoppers will make arrangements with the caller for the cash reward.

How is the Media Involved?

Support from television, radio stations and the newspapers is the critical link to citizen involvement. The "Crime of the Week" report is filmed at the actual scene of the crime and reported by the CrimeStoppers Coordinator.

The "Crime of the Week" report increases public interest in CrimeStoppers and helps locate witnesses who have information leading to a solution to the crime. All production expenses and airtime costs are donated by the cooperating media as a public service.

How is CrimeStoppers Funded?

CrimeStoppers is a nonprofit organization, funded entirely with Fund Raisers and donations from citizens and civic organizations. Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

What About the Cash Reward?

All money raised is used to cover the payment of cash rewards which can vary from $50 to $2,500 depending on the seriousness of the crime and the relevance of the tip to the crime.

The use of a cash reward is offered to motivate citizens who have information...and anonymity is preserved to overcome any fear of involvement in a criminal case.

Who is in Charge Of The Program?

The responsibility for setting policy and goals, raising money and organizing citywide participation is the work of an independent board of directors made up of concerned citizens. Click here for information about the CrimeStoppers President.

What can I do to help?

If you or a civic organization wants to know more about CrimeStoppers, the Coordinator will be happy to explain the program with a presentation before your group.

More importantly, we need your support, your involvement and your contributions. No community program works unless citizens become involved. No program as critical as CrimeStoppers - to bring justice and cut down on crime - will succeed without the contributions of citizens such as you.

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