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School's Opening! Traffic Safety Tips

School’s Opening! Traffic Safety Tips

  • 31 August 2015
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Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week Message August 27, 2015   Officer Mike Badger, Crime Stoppers Coordinator for Sangamon and Menard counties.   This week Crime Stoppers wants to remind you that with schools opening there’s increased pedestrian traffic not only near the schools, but also at bus stops all around the area. Familiarize yourself with these areas and - to play it safe - why not leave for your morning and afternoon travel 5 minutes earlier every day so you won’t be rushed when traveling through school speed zones or following school busses which make multiple stops. You don’t need the stress, and safe driving is especially important this time of year. And remember, stay off cell phones when driving. Penalties are enhanced in school zones and police will be aggressively checking for infractions.                Although Crime Stoppers doesn’t take tips on traffic violations, remember to call us at 788-8427 with your tips related to criminal matters. You can leave tips anytime on this website - – or leave a tip by text by following the text instructions in this page. We never want your name, but if your anonymous information leads to an arrest, we’ll pay a cash reward. 
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