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Criminal Activity in Sales Exchanges from Online Person-to Person Sales Websites

Criminal Activity in Sales Exchanges from Online Person-to Person Sales Websites

Counterfeit Money, Fake Money, Altered Money and Robberies

  • 22 June 2017
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Officer Mike Badger, Crime Stoppers Coordinator for Sangamon and Menard counties.

Crime Stoppers wants to alert the public that in transactions originated on social media sites such as Facebook, Let Go, and Craig’s list, sellers have received look alike money - or in some cases- Counterfeit money - in exchange for their goods. Police have also taken reports in which sellers were robbed when meeting people who indicated they wanted to purchase items in these internet based person- to-person sales. Crime Stoppers urges you to utilize safe e-commerce zones, such as the one in the lobby of the Springfield Police station. 

You should also to examine each bill received prior to exchanging goods to avoid being victimized. Some invalid currency used in these transactions appears to be valid at first glance, however, if you look at it closely there are Chineese symbols on the bills or the bills are indicated to be Motion Picture currency. Although the Chineese currency and Motion Picture currency appears to be valid U.S.Currency, if you look closely at it you can see that it clearly indicates on the money that it is not legal tender. This money is worthless.

If you have any questions about the validity of currency you receive that is not fake money, hold it up to the light and check for a watermark in the paper of the currency that is not printed on the exterior of the bill. If the money does not have a watermark, it is not real U.S. currency

If you have any information about persons involved in passing invalid money, altering the denomination of money, or passing counterfeit currency, give Crime Stoppers a call. If your tip leads to an arrest, Crime Stoppers will pay you a cash reward of up to twenty-five hundred dollars. The Crime Stopper tipline can be accessed anytime  at 788-8427; or you can leave an anonymous tip on this website ( . 


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