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Felony Criminal Damage at Washington Park

Felony Criminal Damage at Washington Park

Vandals Inflict Over $5000 in Damage to Park Buildings

  • 19 January 2017
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Felony Criminal Damage at Washington Park

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week
 January 19, 2017

Officer Mike Badger, Crime Stoppers Coordinator for Sangamon and Menard counties

Not all criminal acts involve shootings, robberies, or burglaries yet all criminal acts have an effect on the community. In late December there were two break-ins to buildings at Washington Park and the culprits inflicted over $5000 worth of damage to park property. This felony was followed up a few nights later by further acts of vandalism to park property and again, costly damage resulted. The perpetrators were likely juveniles who falsely reasoned that since nobody was injured, there was no harm. The fact is, however,  there is significant harm to the very society we live in when we can’t have public parks that are safe from vandalism and destruction.

 If you know who may have been responsible for this felony criminal damage, we urge you to give Crime Stoppers a call at 788-8427. If you want to leave an anonymous tip via the internet, visit our website Either way, we’ll guarantee 100% anonymity and if the information you provide leads to an arrest, and we’ll pay a cash reward. 




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